An Infograph on the Daily Life of an IAS Aspirant

These 5 pics best depict the “IAS ki Padai ke side effects”


#1. From being a teetotaler at News to becoming a connoisseur of Opinions and Editorials


#2. From watching HBO blockbusters in a 52″ LED TV to downloading RSTV debates from Youtube


#3. Replacing the Dan Browns and JK Rowlings of the world with Sir Bipan Chandra and Sir Laxmikanth


#4. Chilling at your home to moving on with friends and 10 other aspirants in a PG @Karol Bagh


#5. 200 Rupey ki CCD wali Coffee to 10 Rupey ki Cutting Chai

Had your share of laugh? Good. Now get down to some real work and read the essential strategies for clearing IAS Pre and Mains, here:


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