Analysing the IAS Prelims 2016 | Current affairs heavy | Q11-20

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#11. India’s first National Investment and Manufacturing Zone set up in?

Ah! This is too much – we had nothing for you here. And we wonder if anyone did remember the states in order?

We did briefly touched upon NIMZ while we were discussing TADF here – But no mention of states in any order.

Technology Acquisition and Development Fund (TADF)

#12. What’s the purpose of District mineral Foundations in India?

This news came way back in May, 2015

The context was this –

#13. SWAYAM – an initiative of GOI aims at what?

This should have been very easy

#14. Montague – Chelmsford proposals?

History – Static syllabus

#15. What’s common among Ajanta and Mahabalipuram?

History – Static syllabus

#16. What do you know about Bitcoins?

This should be easy to attempt. Central Banks are clueless. Not all of them have acknowledged it as a currency and so they can’t track it officially.

#17. New Development Bank – All about its establishment

Again an easy question – was covered under the BRICS story

#18. Gadgil committee report and KAsturirangan committee report. What’s the common link?

This is super easy – western ghats. We have been hearing about this all these years.

#19. Keshab Chandra Sen’s association with 3 organisations. Match the correct ones?

History – Static syllabus

#20. Which of the following is not a member of GCC?

GCC has been in news but it also forms an important part of International Organisations to lookout for. Hope you had read this one –

International Org. | Part 8 | Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

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