Here is the scanned IAS Prelims 2016 – Now we need some help

Hey guys,

This is the link to the scanned paper – Click to download from Google Drive

Now, for Dr.V to give you solutions and detailed explanations for the same – we would need some help in scribbling these scanned papers into a word doc!

If we can have 20 of you guys to type out 5 questions each and send in a word doc to the email address – – It would help us take this task soon!

  1. The scanned paper is of IAS Pre 2016 – Paper 1 – Set A
  2. Please comment out here of the questions you plan to take – Pick 5 questions each
  3. The next guy/ girl can pick up the next and put in the comments to avoid any confusion
  4. Please name the document correctly and mail it to

Can we bank on 20 of you guys to help us do this!

Let us know 🙂

PS: Till we have detailed solutions – we are trying to analyse the current affairs specific questions here –

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2


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