Analysing the IAS Prelims 2016 | Current affairs heavy | Q31-40

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#31. International Solar Alliance and its structure

This should be easy. Also – read upon the Dr.V’s tikdams that you could have easily excluded the second statement (which boasts of including all UN countries)

IAS pre 2016 by Tikdams

#32. What do you know about the European Stability Mechanism?

This should be easy – remember greek bailout! We got it covered under the greece crisis.

#33. Practicing Drip Irrigation. Advantages?

Pretty standard static question

#34. Statements regarding Digilocker. How much did you know?

An aadhar based initiative launched as a part of Digital India

#35. Recently which of the following river were interlinked?

Krishna – Godavari it is. Here’s the newscard eulogising the move.

#36. Which of these gases are considered while calculating the Air Quality Index?

A straight-forward question –

  1. Mentioned by Dr. V many times in his Prelims titbits
  2. Here’s a newscard dedicated to it, anyway –

#37. How much do you know about AstroStat?

We covered this word by word here but many of you could have got it wrong. How many remember the weight? OR the other countries who have achieved thsi feat?

Both statements put forward by UPSC were wrong!

#38. “Araghatta” – what does this word mean?

Static question but looks quite difficult to guess!

#39. Wrt. cultural history of india, who memorised chronicles?

Static question but looks quite difficult to guess!

#40. For the first time in Indian history, which state has declared a state butterfly?

Nope. We did not get this one for you. The news dates back to June 2015. Here’s The Hindu clip.


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