Anonymous Confessions – UPSC Prep struggles

Sometime ago, we wrote a post – WHAT IS STRUGGLE?

What is Struggle?

We asked students to fill up the google form and tell us about their struggles. Some really good stories will be put in here so that they help in comforting every other reader (that they all sail in same boat).


Confession #1

An upsc aspirant is the most soft target as far as civil services exam is concerned. There will be hundreds of people giving you advice on what to do in life and keep a check on your upsc results and give suggestion when you fail in it. A person who had never even filled the form will tell you how hard this exam is. I know one thing it doesn’t matter how you performed in your college exams ,we all know how u can get marks in those exam. But upsc is altogether a very different thing. I remember telling people how a person named Rukmani Riar AIR 2 in 2012 CSE was just on the line , she scored 199 in preliminary and that year cut off was 198 and then went on to become the second topper and also Ira Singhal AIR 1 in 2014 exam for that matter. Upsc is a mix of both luck and hard work. I believe that luck has a peculiar habit of helping those who doesn’t depend on it. You just need to keep walking. Whenever i feel its getting tough i just remember the lines from Robert Frosts well known piece “woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep A miles to go before i sleep”


By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily