Anudeep Durishetty, AIR 1 followed CD and so should you

It is a matter of enormous pride for us that Anudeep Durishetty, AIR 1 (CSE 2017) has recommended Civilsdaily for current affairs, more specifically our schemes material, in his personal blog –

We are the only one among the major offline and online institutes whose name comes to his mind after The Hindu.



He has also commended our effort on quora –


Since recommendations on personal blogs and Quora profiles carry the highest authenticity and weight, this is a grand feat for us.


It is a recognition of our relentless efforts towards maintaining quality, relevance and student-centricity. Also, senior aspirants, who are able to differentiate between average and amazing content, have started voicing for us.


We have the most streamlined products, the perfect 1-1 mentorship and the most appropriate and filtered content.


Our programs are meticulously designed with the sole aim of ensuring success through minimum effort on part of the candidate


Our expertise in making study-plans, news selection & delivery, and mentorship takes away all the burdens of an aspirant other than just one – study, revise and practice.


We have successfully mentored many students who, without us, would have remained dejected souls.


We have successfully mentored many students who, without us, would have remained dejected souls


Current Affairs (CA) has always been our stronghold. We have further enhanced our CA-based programs. Have a look at the offerings:


Samachar Manthan

Prelims Test Series

It goes without saying that you can reach out to us at anytime for any of your doubts related to preparation or our offerings.
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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch