Applying to work at Civilsdaily? Here are 10 things to know

Dear all,

Thank you for the overwhelming response. We received over 100 applications within 20 minutes of advertising the post.

We don’t advertise vacancies. But when we do, we are looking for the crème de la crème

Out of the 100 applicants, only 8 responded to the follow-up email (of course the responses for others are awaited and we might receive them in a day or 2).

We wanted to take a minute to help you understand how challenging teaching and mentoring the next generation of civil servants can be.

1. Video lectures 

We have received videos where Laxmikanth is being read out line by line. These have gained some following on certain platforms.

But This is not how a great lecture is planned. There has to be a creative process behind what is going to be taught. Clearly articulating your methodology & innovations is a sure-shot way of impressing us. 

*At CD our next version is always better than our previous*

2. Mains Related 

When it comes to mains related competencies, your test series attempts are the most important reference point for us.

Your actual marks in the exam are a good indicator. But we want people who can keep repeating the good marks they have gotten. The only way for us to know that is to analyse your test series attempts.

This is especially true for essay and ethics. We have received applications from essay toppers but their test series attempts were very average. They lacked the necessary punchlines and a great flow. How can we be sure that you will have rock-solid suggestions for students who are already at an advanced stage of preparation? 

One has to be a deep thinker, a deep reader having clarity of thought and expression to take our students to the next level.

3. Mentorship 

Mentorship is something we have explored at length in the past 1 year. What we look for is patience. Students in their first year of prep are slow. They take their time to absorb things. No matter how hard you try, they will end up wasting time following conventional wisdom doing things due to fear of missing out.

Mentors have to tolerate all this. They invest so much time and effort and at times dont get the appreciation they deserve.

Hoping that the above note helps you present yourselves better.

Good luck !

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch