Attempt UPSC Prelims Previous Year Questions(PYQs)-yearwise and subject-wise

Attempt PYQs Live with detailed solutions

Every topper has attempted UPSC Prelims PYQs. In fact many toppers have spent 3-4 months analyzing prelims questions. Needless to say, without attempting PYQs, you wont be able. PYQs are important because-

  1. Only through PYQs you get a clue about what and how UPSC is thinking. Without PYQs you will keep working on your own assumptions and that will not yield results.
  2. You understand the high-priority themes for UPSC. You can’t be studying like an 11th or 12th grader and then expect to clear the exam. These are not boards.
  3. Within those high-priority themes, the depth and dimensions being asked are very important. You have to closely observe them.
  4. Undertanding question framing, options.
  5. Attempting PYQs means simulating real exam conditions. Each question will appear like a bouncer. But can’t duck. You need to take shots.

Once you attempt the PYQs, you will be emailed your attempt along with detailed explanations. The solution has been upgraded using UPSC answer key. We suggest you start attempting the paper from 2013. By the time to reach 2021, 2022 your marks should see an improvement.

Every moment, at least 100 live attempters are appearing for the exam.

Attempt PYQs Live with detailed solutions

Attempting PYQs is step 1. Analysing PYQs is step 2. Analysing PYQs can be very difficult. Fill the form and we will provide detailed handouts for themewise analysis.

Attempt PYQs Live with detailed solutions

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