Geography classes in Delhi?

Need help with geography portions of GS – Can you please suggest coaching/ teachers from their experiences? Pros and cons… would be a great help.


The amazing life of Pratap Bhanu Mehta

If you have an hour to spare, which is a lot to ask for 😉 try giving this a shot. It’s an amazing discussion and Bhanu Mehta is at its best!

The Non-Dalit's Guide To Debating Meaningfully About Caste

It’s heartbreaking that a bright, young man — Rohith Vemula — had to commit suicide for us to pay heed to caste-based injustices, but still, this is a conversation that has been long overdue.

Now for some motivation :)

Was watching general stuff and found this gem of stuff.

R Madhava talks about situational awareness.

Inspiring stories – Aspirants who cleared UPSC with constraints

Found this one… thought of sharing –

Muhammad Ali Shihab was born in Edavannappara, a remote village in Kerala’s Malappuram district. He spent his childhood helping his father sell betel leaves and bamboo baskets in a makeshift pan shop. After his father’s death, he was put into an orphanage, since his mother was too poor to bring him up properly. He had to fail in Class V in order to get admission to the orphanage.

Shihab received good guidance in the orphanage. His only hope was excelling at studies and taking life head on. In an interview given to the Hindu, he said, “I used to read in scant light under the cover of bed-sheet and pillows in order not to disturb my friends sleeping in the neighbouring beds of the dormitory. In fact, I was violating the orphanage rules.” While in the orphanage he completed his elementary education and graduated in history through distance learning.

Social isolation of Dalits inside campuses is a real problem

Picking this topic for discussion – The latest suicide by a dalit student

“Rohith was steadily isolated by campus authorities and his appeals — many of them anguished and sometimes cloaked in irony — went largely unheard.”

The question it raises is that how can we sensitise general public about this issue lest it become another political controversy… I studied at a well known college and most of the times I found them enjoying among themselves… hostel life does not automatically mean inter mingling…. and we all know the politics of student union… its rare that their voices would be heard unilaterally…

Selection of best talks/ lectures given by Civil Servants (India)

I loved this one by Srivatsa Krishna, IAS. Gives a good perspective on what the job entails and what some of the biggies have done before!

Lifts up my mood whenever I am low.

New low in intolerance debates in india – Pakka essay question aaega

Have you checked this news??

Kiku Sharda has been arrested for mimicking and hurting religious sentiments of self-claimed Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Has anyone watched this??