[Beginner's Malaise] – Doubt Clearing Forum

To all the veterans and hardworkers on this portal.

After observing and analysing the answers written by some of the illustrious people here ,I have a few questions to ask. Thanks for bearing with me.
1. Are you guys able to retain information in this much capacity? And, the presentation too?
If not, how much time does it take for you to formulate and present a succint answer?

2. I don’t cease to think that I MAYNOT be able to present such answers. Either, the information retention is poor OR my approach towards news articles is incorrect.

3. Can I get some tips regarding maintaining notes on topics? I know this might be subjective, but suggestions are welcome.

I request all the participants to share their experience and answer my questions 🙂

Thanks to all! Looking forward to be a regular contributor to CD!

Pranav Sir, Nitin Sir , Simran Bains mam , Vandana Mam etc.


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