[Day 16] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Secularism) (Duplex)

A uniform civil code means that all citizens of India are to follow the same set of rules and laws irrespective of religion.Do you feel that it can strengthen secularism in the country ? What are the challenges involved in the implementation of Uniform Civil Code ?


Strenghthning the secularism by uniform civil is possible or not. Problems in way and its solution shall be provided



  • – Problems related to the uniform civil code acceptance and implementation(3 marks)
  • – Take stand In favor or against the secularism. Support that stand throughout by giving several examples (4 marks)
  • -Provide challenges ahead and solution to it. (3 marks)

GS II (Comparison of the Indian constitutional scheme with that of other countries) (Analytical) (Simplex)

German identity was constituted by being ethnically German. Their constitution gave expression to this identity. The Indian Constitution, on the other hand, does not make ethnic identity a criterion for citizenship. Examine.


Different nations embody different conceptions of what the relationship between the different regions of a nation and the central government should be. This relationship constitutes the national identity of a country. Describe how India has got its identity.



  • – Explain the need of Indian constitution and various reasons of not making ethnic identity as criterion for citizenship. (5 marks)
  • – Take the reference of constituent assembly thinkers which kept this provision out of context of our constitution. Discuss the Germany’s stand with reference to our constitution. (3 marks)
  • – Explain with Pros and cons with respect to Indian society and other society’s in world (2 marks)

GS III (Agricultural produce and issues and related constraints) (Hattrick)

The incidence of farmers taking their own lives in higher in regions where cooperatives banks are weakest. Discuss.


The rural outreach of the banks and cooperative credit system has to be discussed.


  • – Discuss on suicide of farmers crisis a nd distressed areas (3 marks)
  • – Explain the relation between cooperative bank reach with farmers suicide rates. Impact of cooperative bank reach shall be emphasized. (4 marks) 
  • –  Conclude on the ways to reduce the suicide with the improvements in existing system. (3 marks)

GS IV (Analytical) (Simplex)

You are Superintendent of Police One woman comes to you saying that she was raped by local gundas. She went to nearest police station. But police has refused to lodge the complaint saying that the area where she raped do not fall under their territory. She goes relevant police station but still her complaint is not listened. What you would do?


Logical action is required.


  • ·         Woman needs to be calm down and assured for the appropriate action
  • ·         Contact the heads of both police stations and ask reason for not lodging
  • ·         Get the women’s FIR lodges and initiate the investigation with personal monitoring
  • ·         Take the actions against the police officers and rapist if found guilty
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