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Attention UPSC interview candidates! In this last stage of your UPSC journey, you are so close that you can literally smell LBSNAA, you’re almost there. But to make it to the finish line, and make things certain, you need a 190+ score in your UPSC interview.

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And let’s not forget about developing an administrator-like approach in your answers! After your one-to-one session, you’ll get a mock interview with experienced bureaucrats, academics, and in-service officers.

Topper’s Feedback on Civilsdaily Interview Program

Your knowledge, information, or content has already been tested in the previous stages of the exam, especially the mains exam.
In this stage UPSC is going to test your suitability for the service and for that they are going to judge you on your personality – thus the personality test.

Preparing for UPSC interview calls for an assessment of your personality, getting self-awareness, and a strategic re-orientation of your approach

Mode: Offline and Online. Register below for 1-1 session

The UPSC panel is an eclectic mix of very experienced and senior members from various walks of life. The sheer amount of exposure to various cultures, ideas, systems, administration, etc these panelists have had gives them special skills, sort of a super-power to have a deep look into your personality, ask precise questions that will expose you, your biases, prejudices, fears, insecurity and at the same time judging your integrity, awareness, opinion, and approach to various issues challenges faced by our country, society and world.

An improper articulation of your view and thoughts on issues like reservation or gender equality can easily make you sound casteist or misogynist.

Preparing for such a test calls for an assessment of your personality, getting self-awareness, and a strategic re-orientation of your approach. But this can’t be achieved in mere weeks because your personality is something that has been shaped by your interaction and relationship with the socio-political-cultural, physical environment around you in which you have been placed ever since you were born.

UPSC interview preparation must start with an exercise in introspection and retrospection basically having self-awareness and situational awareness.

Mode: Offline and Online. Register below for 1-1 session

Below are some of the messages showering praises and gratitude after a 1-1 session

While most of the candidates think that mock interviews come at the end of your preparation but we add Civilsdaily believe that mock interviews are just the first stage of your UPSC interview preparation. After a Mock interview and detailed feedback, you can get to know your weak areas issues with your personality and of course your strengths. And this forms the basis of your UPSC interview preparation.

We at Civilsdaily help you cover all your bases. Starting off with a detailed DAF questionnaire that lists down all the questions that could be asked from your DAF, we provide you a situational and roleplay questionnaire.

Program inclusion

  1. Mock interview and detailed analysis + feedback
  2. Most important issues coverage – current and structural
  3. Personalized mentorship
  4. DAF analysis and a one-on-one session with in-service officers
  5. DAF-based personalized questionnaire
  6. Transcend Habitat group membership

Mode: Offline and Online. Book FREE 1-1 session

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