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CD war zone is an initiative started by Civils daily IAS, it is a community where we are collectively writing answers on a daily basis, apart from doing various other productive activities, like doing Daily Check-in, making timetables, discussing current affairs and likewise.

Why CD War zone? 

1) Primarily because of Daily Answer Writing, we call it Daily Answer wars. Here we give you one question daily early in the morning, after that Aspirants submit their Answers, Aspirants get to Peer review each other answers as well. In the evening our mentor comes with the feedback of the answer. 

Join the telegram group here : https://t.me/cdwarzone

Why are we writing only one answer?


2) Aspirants get to make  “War Notes”, these War notes will help you with UPSC Mains Preparation.

3) Aspirants become a part of a Close- knit community, who are disciplined and motivated enough to prepare for  UPSC CSE exam. 

4) Active mentors of Civilsdaily who are there to solve your UPSC related queries. 

Here is how we start the day 

Daily Check-in 

Daily Answer Wars 

Daily Answer Wars Result 

Night owl discussions

Join the telegram group here : https://t.me/cdwarzone

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