Chapter 2 | Chalcolithic Age


This chapter, again, is not important from UPSC perspective. Make a note of various cultures that developed in this period and the regions they were confined to. Some predate Harappan sites while others postdate Harappan sites.

Ahar Culture
Malwa Culture(1700BC-1200BC)
Jorwe Culture (1400BC-700BC) – newest
East – UP, Bihar and Bengal
South Eastern Rajasthan
Ahar and Gilund lie in Banas valley spread over 4 acres.
Western Madhya Pradesh
Malwa, Kayatha and Eran.
Navdatoli – largest settlement of Malwa.
Kayatha – Junior contemporary of Harappan Culture.
Western Maharashtra
-Jorwe, Nevasa, Daimabad in Ahmednagar District.
-Chandoli, Songaon and Inamgaon in Pune District
-Prakash and Nasik
Vidhyan region of Allahabad district. Chirand, West Bengal – Randu Rajar Dhibi in Burdwan
Gilund used burnt bricks.
Ahar – Stone houses
Kayatha and Eran – fortified.
Daimabad and Inamgaon reached urban stage.
Inamgaon 2 phases – Mud houses with ovens and circular pits.
2- 2 tier settlement.
1>Houses with 5 rooms, 4 rectangular and 1 circular. Suggests house of chiefs. 2>Craftsmen lived on the western fringes.
Chirand – post-holes and round houses.
Barley and wheat.
Due to Black Cotton Soil – couldnt practice cultivation.
Barley and wheat
Navdatoli – All foodgrains have been found.
Barley and wheat
BRW with white designs. Channel spouted pots, dishes on stands and bowls on stand.
Ochre Colored Pottery in Ganeshwar.
Maharashtra people buried under the floor of the house in north-south position.
They didnt use separate cemeteries.
Chandoli and Nevasa some children were buried with copper based necklaces.
Inamgaon – buried with pottery and copper.
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