Changes in the Daily AWE Program

Dear Students,

The Daily AWE Program has been well received with a huge number of enrollments which are expected to only increase in the coming months. We were not prepared for this kind of response and are in the process of adding more experienced folks as reviewers to handle the burden.

As the program evolves, we have to make certain changes to ensure a smooth functioning and quality.

  1. Students will be given 10 days extra for wrapping up the previous month. Meaning, if you enroll for the month of November, you can submit answers for questions posted in November(from 1st to last day of November) till 10th December. The deadline makes sense for students as old questions might not have relevance anymore.
  2. We will follow a monthly cycle. Meaning you enroll for a particular month. If you join on the 9th of December, you will have access to the month December from the first day to the last day of December. It will *NOT* be from 9th December to 9th January. You will be expected to manage time to submit the answers for the days you’ve missed.
  3. Students joining after 25th of a particular month can opt for AWE for the next month. Meaning – if you join on 26th of November, you have the option of enrolling for the month of December(1st to last day of December). Students who join on the 23rd of November will have close to 18 days to submit all answers for the month of November. We believe it is a good enough time to clear the backlog.  

The timelines for reviews has changed. 

We have observed that a good number of students are submitting answers to old questions much late and on weekends. This becomes a hassle at our end and prevents us from being quick without compromising on the quality.

We are committed to providing you reviews ASAP. But we will keep a 1-week deadline for students submitting their answers on the same day and a 2-week deadline for students submitting their answers late. This is to ensure that we don’t compromise on the quality just to stick to a deadline. It is better to get a proper review than to get a quicker review.

*PLEASE NOTE* – The above modifications apply for students who will be joining from the 26th of November. For our old students, these new rules are relaxed and they can submit the answers for November till 20th December. 

For the philosophy of AWE and payment, check  here: Click2Join

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26 Nov, 2018

thanks a lot sir….. now I will clear my backlog .