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News Flash: Civilsdaily Gives Current Affairs A Much Needed Overhaul

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but there’s a whole lot more going on in the world than Stephen Colbert beginning his tenure at The Late Show.

Good grief, it’s become difficult to get to real news these days.

There’s so much content available online that it’s tough to cut through the noise and get to the goods. Even if you do reach “news” sites, the offerings are pretty scant. Soundbites. Breezy writing, more about entertainment than delivering news. And lots and lots of vapid clickbait.

Civilsdaily looks to put the news back into news. At the moment, this news source can be found on either desktop or for download on Android devices at Google Play.

Civilsdaily delivers breaking news and daily events in the form of flashcards. Before your mind runs to Flipboard (because the app does bear a useful similarity) Civilsdaily does more than toss out headlines. It provides news cards with a curated list of key point summaries. It shares, you know, details, information – the news instead of the preprogrammed response of so many media outlets.

 To be fair, the Internet has diversified the voices covering the news. Reading or listening options outside the mainstream abound. However, crisp and smart coverage is still lacking. Huge props to Civilsdaily if they can turn a penetrating spotlight back onto current affairs that truly matter.

The chronology of flashcards makes it much easier to follow stories (just getting started, the focus at the moment is almost entirely on India). No, gleaning stories from all over the web that are related to a topic isn’t the same as keeping a clear view of a developing story. Civilsdaily collects stories on the website for connecting the dots and gaining a better understanding of milestone events in a news cycle.

Like other news apps, there’s room for discussion, the ability to search news by category, and to receive the latest from your favorite news sources. You’ll get to decide for yourself, of course, but a quick survey shows that, in addition to these common news  elements, the top stories and most discussed stories on Civilsdaily have a gravitas that is both refreshing and hard to come by online.

 So, if you’ve had your fill of mindless lists and excess silly videos, if you’d prefer more news and less attitude in your news – basically, if you’re hungry for a better, on point news source, you’ll want to have a closer look at without delay.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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