Constitution of Switzerland: Features, Comparison with Indian + other constitutions

The Spirit of Republicanism is a prominent theme of the Swiss Constitution.

Another important feature of the Constitution is its federal features.

Switzerland is known for its direct democracy. It is hailed as a Dynamic Constitution (features like protection of individual, welfare state et al)

Comparison scheme w.r.t Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution

Swiss Constitution

Executive vested in the President Executive vested in the Federal Council
President elected by electoral college Federal Council elected by Federal Assembly
Party Government Absent
States cannot conclude treaties Cantons can conclude treaties
Supremacy of Judiciary Judiciary cannot rule invalid a federal law
No referendum Referendum possible

Institutions for Direct Democracy

  1. Referendum: It means referring bills for ratification to the people. It is not similar to plebiscite. Plebiscite means taking the opinion of the people on any issue.
  2. Initiative: It is a bill initiated by the people and people conveying it to the assembly.
  3. Recall: It means calling the representative back at any point of time, if voters are not satisfied by his work.

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Revisiting the Basics

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