Current Affairs is the key to crack UPSC!

Dear Students,

Current Affairs is the key to cracking the UPSC Exam. And it requires a considerable amount of time and effort. That is why we have come up with a course that ensures you stay on the right track and remain updated always – Samachar Manthan

Read below to understand how it is unique 

What are we offering and how is it unique?

1. Mentorship and guidance taken to a whole new level 

Once you enroll, you’ll be assigned a Telegram group headed by Sajal Sir and rankers like Dr. Vipin Garg AIR 20, Swapnil Pawar AIR 525 and others.

Our past students have found this immensely beneficial.

  • A convenient way to resolve your doubts and queries.
  • You’ll be provided with value-added materials.
  • You’ll have an ecosystem to study and learn from.
  • Above all, it will help you stay focused every day.

2. 4 stage structure of Video->Notes->testing->review to perfect your preparation 

The sequence of video->Notes->testing->review is the best way to ensure maximum retention and a rock solid preparation. Each component of the program has been meticulously crafted.

3. Our video lectures and notes on weekly CA are brief but comprehensive

Packed 2-2.5 hours Weekly videos will focus on news and its importance from both prelims and mains perspective.

4. Guest Lectures on specific issues by Dr. Vipin Garg, IAS (Rank 20, UPSC 2016) and our distinguished mentor K.Siddhartha Sir

5. Weekly Mains Test and Evaluation by our team of subject experts

The video and notes will be followed by a test released every weekend. It will have 10 high-quality questions. This will complete your study loop and enhance your retention.

6. Current Affairs Monthly Prelims Test package
This was a feedback we received from many students who desired more focus on Prelims based preparation. Hence, we included monthly Current Affairs Tests.

7. Other important material like Monthly Magazines, Listicles, etc.

After joining this programme, CA will no longer remain your pain point. Instead, it will become your competitive advantage. You will have clarity on how to use CA in both prelims and mains.

Besides giving you an edge over others in prelims, you will have a ready database of 500+ good questions exhaustively covering important topics for mains.

Samachar Manthan Current Affairs Module 2018-19 (December 2018 to May 2019)- Starts 2nd December

Join Samachar Manthan 2018-19 (December 2018 to May 2019) [without Answer Writing Module] here: Click2Join

Join Samachar Manthan 2018-19 (December 2018 to May 2019) [with Answer Writing Module] here: Click2Join

[Batch 2] Samachar Manthan Yearly 2018-19 (Full Year Coverage of Current Affairs)

Join Batch 2 of the SM Yearly program [with Answer Writing Module] here: Click2Join

If you wish to join the program without answer writing feature, you can do that here: Click2Join

Click here to check out all our programs and understand how we are making them better. 

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