[Day 13] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism-Hattrick)

India has seen a rise in incidents of racism by its citizens against foreign nationals, especially Africans, in recent time. As a country with the maximum number of diaspora communities, India needs to be particularly worried by this development. Critically Discuss.


Increase in racism against the Africans and ways to tackle. Critical implications of these incidents on all factors.


  • – Explain the current situation in brief (3 marks)
  • – Impact of the racism and challenges in future (4 marks)
  • – Suggest ways to reduce considering various factors (3 marks)

GS II (Health, Governance) ( Hattrick)

Health care is a very important dimension of Good Governance. Critically Discuss. Do you feel that Government should scrap Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care system ?

Quality of health care is lacking in many regions of India and how its impacting the human capital and resources in good governance. Analysis of three health care system is also required.


  • – Brief on the three tier of health system & there situation in India (2 marks)
  • – Aim of good governance in India and link to health care (3 marks)
  • – Impact of poor health care three system on governance (4 marks)
  • – Way out to deal with it (like setting up of AIIMS, Strengthening three tiers of health care) (3 marks)

GS III (Security challenges and their management in border areas; linkages of organized crime with terrorism) (Duplex)

India’s role is very important in stopping the wave of terrorism which will be interest of the world. Discuss.

The measures taken by India will directly and indirectly will help the world in countering/minimizing terrorism should be discussed in detailed


  • – Explain the measures taken by India-in past & present (3 marks)
  • – Details on how the measures of India have helped the world (4 marks)
  • – Future challenges in countering terrorism and India’s role in finding ways out (3 marks)

GS IV (Ethical dilemma)

You have been working with your team since many years. One of your Colleague Mr. A is very brilliant and hard working, he takes all responsibility which comes to him and gets things done efficiently. However, you have heard that Mr. A makes loose comments about girls and women. Mrs X who is working under A, comes to you, she is visibly disturbed. She tells you that Mr. A has been making undue advances towards her and has even asked her to go out for dinner with him. She wants to give a strong written complaint seeking action against Mr. A. what would you do and why ?


Without getting into argument a balanced constructive talk is required


  • – Calm the lady down first and assure her that you would do all possible
  • – Talk to A about the general conditions of women in society, how they are being harrased at workplaces
  • – Make him realise that whatver he is doing is not ethical and not acceptable
  • – Try to make A understand that if he does not stop doing this he might face serious conswquences
  • – He is hardworking and brilliant, so try not to get into argumenet as your team may loose the resource

  • – All questions on this series are available for revision at – Target Mains
  • – The DNA (Demand and Approach) Framework for each question is updated at the end of day
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