[Day 15] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Important Geophysical phenomena) (Hattrick)

In terms of natural disasters, the maximum losses happen because of floods. Maximum deaths in the country are because of floods. Many people go missing and get washed away in flood waters. What are the reasons for increasing these geophysical phenomena ? Do you feel that this can be avoided ?


Losses due to flood and reasons for increasing the incidents shall be discussed. Provide the solution to minimise the losses


– Losses in the various areas including deaths shall be discussed briefly (3 marks)

– Various reasons of floods shall be explained (4 marks)

– Suitable measures shall be suggested to reduce/avoid human damage (3 marks)

GS II (Governance) (Hattrick)

One of the landmark legislations of the country which transformed the nature of governance in the country is Right to Information Act passed in 2005. Judiciary is not an exception under RTI whose details like appointments, transfers or complaints against judges are not covered under any exemptions in RTI. Do you feel disclosure of information on appointments, transfers etc. would interfere in judicial independence?


Pros and cons shall be discussed of both possible situation shall be discussed here. Balanced conclusion required at the end


-Explain that Judiciary is awkwardly positioned in terms of defending its judges as compared to executive and legislature. It cannot defend itself unlike other institutions.  (3 marks)

– Brief points like there is a need to determine the scope of disclosure of information i.e. how much information should be disclosed, at what stage they should be disclosed etc. (3 marks)

– There is no scope of RTI being misused as it is only for seeking information that already exists. Its making system more accountable, secrecy in appointments will be exposed if judiciary comes under RTI, it will also increase awareness etc and with balanced conclusion point (4 marks)

GS III (Security challenges and their management in border areas) (Duplex)

For many decades now, there has hardly been any defence procurement in India that has not faced controversy. The defence contractors including foreign companies have come under suspicion or allegations of shady dealings leading to their blacklisting affecting the defence preparedness of Indian military. Discuss.


Recent Defence blacklisting policy shall be discussed here. The ways to curb this issues should be suggested. Avoid direct criticism


– Brief on past deals which were rearly constraversial ( 3 marks)

– Explain the current scams and threats to Indian military and Country ( 4 marks)

– Suggest the ways along with challenges in future (3 marks)

GS IV (Ethics & moral values) (Hattrick)

There is demand of the reservations to various castes & communities in India.. Countrywide agitation has been seen recently. Is it moral and socially ethical to ask or give a reservation based on the caste system?


Sensitive topic, Pros and cons are required. It needs very constructive criticism with well balance positive conclusion.


 – Explain the advantages of reservation justifying its ethical & moral need in the society like India

–  Brief on the misuse of this provision of reservation without criticizing any specific community/caste. 

  Take your stand in the answer and provide suitable backing to your stand

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