[Day 28] Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS I (Women Empowerment) (Duplex)

Despite the improvement in the condition of women empowerment, Indian women are still facing spousal violence by the hands of insecure family members and are forced to disown their properties. Discuss. What needs to be done ?


Raised financial power to women makes them more vulnerable.  Woman will be physically assaulted in a marriage if she owns properties. This shall be discussed with solution to problem.

Tikdam- Very easy. Domestic voilence due to property ownership of women. Analyse safegurads, write reasons & solutions.

-Explain steps taken by government in this area. Reason for its non effectiveness. Causes behind this violence. Brief on impact of this violence.(5 marks)

– Issues with existing safeguard. Suggest Solutions to the problem. (3 marks)

– Way forward (2 marks)

GS II (Issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure) (Hattrick)
India’s inter-state disparity is not just confined to income levels. The states diverge on several other economic, social and demographic indicators. Elucidate. What are the challenges to India in coming future?


Explain the interstate disputes i terms of the various indicators. Quote examples of states.  Mention challenges and solutions.


– Discuss about the various indicators and disparity.  Reasons of this should be mentioned (4 marks)

– Explain the challenges due to this disparity. Quote some past experiences (3 marks)

– Challenges and solutions (3 marks)

GS III (Economic Development) (Hattrick)

India is likely to post its first current account surplus in nine years, which should bolster the rupee though it is not a good sign for the economy as it reflects weak investment demand at home and subdued exportsCritically examine.


Its bit difficult question and requires information about the current account situation in India.

Question’s other part is negative impact of the surplus situation. Try discussing by taking a one or two years situation in consideration so that writing answer would become easy.


-Brief on the importance and meaning of account surplus. How it helps the rupees with example of any year (4 marks)

– Explain the weak investment and export impact because of the current account surplus in India. Relate this with experience of India or any country (4 marks)

-Challenges and way ahead in future to reduce impact of current account surplus (2 marks)

GS IV (Information sharing and transparency in government) (Duplex)

Is the liquor ban is a good idea ? Discuss.


Simple-Put both the sides and arrive on conclusion.


– Explain why it should be banned. One example will be required showing vaious positive sides of liquor banned (4 marks)

– Explain why it should not be banned. Give an example and impact of banning. (4 marks)

– Challenges in liquor banning, solution and way ahead (2 marks)

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