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GS I (Globalisation) (Hattrick)

From a global perspective, globalization’s most important impacts are often highly localized. Discuss. Also explain globalization with respect to its impact on Indian Culture.

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Globalization has come to the fore in the past two-three decades with the advancement of connected trade and commerce. While Globalization signifies inter-connection and inter-dependence on national levels, its effects have indeed been localized to micro levels.

Localized impact of globalization – Economic and social
1. Thanks to globalization, the world has become a connected commercial sphere. A rise of demand of handicrafts in USA can be exploited by the village craftsmen in Jammu and Kashmir.
2. With the set up of a global market, local hubs have emerged. E.g. India is the largest exporter of IT services in the world.
3. A global market also means certain areas have emerged as the prime suppliers of goods. E.g. demand of Indian cotton for world’s best apparel brands
4. Flexibility of movement of people from one part to another has led to specialization. E.g. movement of people from southern states to Middle-East in mid-level positions and Indian doctors to developed nations.
5. People who benefitted most from globalization were those who came together to utilize the opportunities. E.g. Gujarati traders helped set up the gems and jewellery export business and dominate it.

Impact on Indian culture
1. Has helped Indians learn from people of various cultures and respect differences
2. Enrichment of Indian culture by Indian diaspora who settled abroad and still maintain values and traditions.
3. Conversely, there has also been erosion of Indian culture since people took to new societies and gave up their old practices
4. With access to global media and film industry, there has been a seeping-in of blind adoption of western styles and ideology.
5. The younger generation seems particularly vulnerable to the dangers of foreign culture.

Thus, we see that globalization affects everyone and at all levels and has its own share of positives, however, there’s a stark need to ensure it doesn’t erode the cultural beliefs of people.

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