[Day2] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016


First things first, you guys have amazing enthusiasm and looking at your sincerity towards the upcoming mains, we have decided to give a structured feedback on the DNA of answer writing for all the questions that we put everyday. We will try to comment on a few of them but keep the conversation going.

Our inputs at the end of the day will be in form of directives of the demand and approach of the questions.

DNA = Demand & Approach. Click here and scroll down to view the Day 1 Ques

Questions of the Day

GS Paper I (Indian Culture – Salient Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from Ancient to Modern Times  – Static)

Q#1. “The early medieval period was marked by remarkable developments in the spheres of regional art and architecture in India”. Discuss. 

Demand: Static Content


  • This is a statement. It has to be discussed on the basis of pre existing knowledge.
  • Architecture and Art in India has to be described and relate with Medieval period. 
  • Maintain continuity in transition and keep the answer organic.

GS Paper II (Appointment to Various Constitutional Posts, Powers and Functions – Static + Dynamic)

Q#2. “Of late, the position of Governor has become very controversial.” Critically examine various issues arising out of the constitutional provisions in this context.

Demand: Understand and explain why it is controversial. You have to give pros and cons of the constitutional provisions and related issues with it.


  • This is an application question.
  • Relate with examples of Governor and why it has become controversial. 
  • Critical Analyses of write about feasibility – pros and cons. (challenges of implementation and relate with current developments)

GS Paper III (Infrastructure – Dynamic)

Q#3. What are the proposed ultra mega steel plants (UMSP)? Do you think that idea of ultra mega steel plants is feasible in current circumstances? Substantiate your views. 

Demand: Question is asking about definition of UMPP’s and it has to be related with current developments.


  • This is a very direct question. It has to be simply answered with substantiated reasons as asked in the question.
  • Explain the definition properly.
  • Write about feasibility – pros and cons. (challenges of implementation and relate with current developments)

GS Paper IV (Dimension of Ethics in Personal Life – Static) 

Q#4. What are the various ways to inculcate values in a child / person?

Demand: Question is asking about ways in making a child learn values as it would be beneficial for entire life.


  • This is a direct question. It has to be simply answered with reasons. Do not over complicate
  • Evolution of a child from mother’s womb
  • Role of Parenting and Family/ School/ Friends
  • Give examples of historic leaders and their wisdom related to this field – Gandhi, Nehru etc.
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