[IMP] For the Hindi Users of Civilsdaily App


We need to arrive at a very crucial decision and we need your help in that. This blog is specifically addresses to the users of the hindi (translated) newscards.

To know that the readers of the hindi newscards are serious, we need you to consider spending <Rs. 100 per month and pay up an advance membership fee of Rs. 1000.

This is the link to pay – Click here.

It is important for us to maintain the infrastructure for the hindi translations and we need to support our product base with the amount raised for it. Right now, the traffic of hindi to english readers is at a meager 5%/ 95% and it has become practically unviable for us to continue with such low numbers. 

Our goal is to raise Rs. 2,00,000 (2 lakh) within a span of 14 days, starting from 19th August 2016.

If we are able to raise the desired amount (2L), then only those users who pay for the membership will be able to see our daily translations. We will continue investing in the code base and provide you with translations from the best of the papers. 

If we are not able to raise the desired amount, the well wishers who paid up for the hindi newscards will be refunded their full amount to their respective mode of payments. We will not be keeping the money with us. 

But, we will then have to sadly, discontinue the hindi offering.


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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch