[Day3] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

Questions of the Day

GS Paper I (Indian Culture – Social Inclusion – Static + Dynamic)

Q#1. Indian society did not develop into a definite finished form in any period. What are plausible reasons for it.

Hint: By finished form – we mean that the culture never crystallised into a specific form. It always evolved. Why?

Demand: Analytical question that focusses upon thinking on the fabric of Indian Society and its evolution. Give reasons behind how you perceive the Indian Society.  


  • Opinion based question.
  • Time and again country has always been attacked by foreign invaders.
  • Cite relevant examples of invaders and the value attached to the same.

 GS Paper II (Governance – Dynamic)

Q#2. ‘Public life must be spiritualized.’ Discuss it in context of recent amendment in section 44 brought out in Lokpal and Lokayukta Act 2013.

Demand: The statement of GK Gokhale in context of disclosure norms to be analysed. Put it in context to Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill.


  • Both positives and negatives of amendments in the bill should be discussed. 
  • Undue criticism not warranted as given in some of the answers on the CD platform. 

GS Paper III (Financial Inclusion – Static + Dynamic)

Q#3. ‘Banking is necessary, not banks.’ What made a thinker say so?

Demand: Analysis of changing economic environment, technology new modes of banking, Payment Bank,B.C.,e wallets altered traditional definition of Bank.


  • This is 20 year old statement of  Bill Gates reiterated by RBI Dep. Governor in his recent speech.
  • Definition of Bank.
  • Newer structures outside definition of Bank as per Banking Regulation Act  
  • Changing economic environment,technology new modes of banking, Payment Bank, B.C.,e wallets altered traditional definition of Bank

 GS Paper IV (Dimension of Ethics in Personal Life – Static) 

Q#4. ‘The very purpose of education is to transform ourselves from mirror to glass panes.’ Elucidate

Demand: Education opens up to learn and absorb rather than closed attitude. 


  • Thought based question.
  • Can be enriched by citing relevant personal and social examples where attitudinal changes were experienced because of education.
  • Add education not confined to securing grades but a continuous enriching process.
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