[Updated] Putting Previous Years’ IAS Pre Ques on the Test Platform. Your thoughts?


Prelims Paper 1 for 2013, 2014 and 2015 have been put up on the Prelims portal. for now, they are available for the Flagship and Advanced students to attempt.


We are planning to put up Previous Year’s IAS Prelims Questions Papers (Paper 1) on our testing portal – prelims.civilsdaily.com

For beginners to IAS prep (as well as for senior players), it is most advised that you attempt the original papers at different stages of your preparation. Along with the Flagship Course launched, this will help you gauge your preparation level vis-a-vis actual exam.

We are going to take the questions and answer keys from the official UPSC website – digitise the content and then put it on the backend of our testing engine. All for FREE.

We want to be sure that there are going to be enough takers for such an initiative. Especially from the beginners to the UPSC Prep.

We do not want to expend our energies in modules which are not adopted by the students. So, let us know in the comments.

On that note – 

  1. A great thumbs up for the Mains probables for 2016 – The initiative Target Mains is seeing a lot of quality participation and keeps us motivated to give you the best set of questions across all GS Papers – Bookmark this link.
  2. This site is forever indebted to the senior players who have shared their wisdom and test strategies and we would want you to motivate the beginners by sharing your silly mistakes/ tikdams in this post – Click here to share your PRE experience

Note to the beginners of IAS Prep – If you have any query/ concerns before joining in the Flagship course for IAS 2017, fill in this short questionnaire and we will write back to you personally. Click here for the google form


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