[Day5] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

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  • The DNA (Demand and Approach) Framework for each question is updated at the end of day

Questions of the day

GS Paper I – [Economic Geography – Static + Dynamic]

“Inland waterways is a much cheaper & eco-friendly mode of transportation. Discuss the scope, advantage and limitations of Inland waterways in India.”

Read: https://www.civilsdaily.com/story/inland-waterways-converting-rivers-to-national-waterways/


Direct question. It is asking to discuss basic requirements.   


Govt. recent project to move goods on a large scale over inland waterway to cut cost but except first five, rest have their own challenges.

  • – Jalmarg Vikas Project
  • – Impact on cost and environment
  • – Future advantages of development

GS Paper II – [Governance – Highly Dynamic]

“The appointment of New RBI governor has been made on recommendation of Financial Sector Regulatory Appointments Search Committee (FSRASC) for the first time” Discuss.


Impact on the system of appointment on policy making.


  • – This statement has to be discussed on the basis of pre-existing knowledge of appointment of previous RBI governor; current governor.
  • – Role of committee and its importance has to be discussed in consonance with FSRASC.

GS Paper III – [Economic Development – Static + Dynamic]

“Government plan to interlink rivers has problems?” Discuss.


Water reforms panel recently pointed out major problems. List out the problems of the same.


  • – It is a Direct question
  • – First the problems have to be explained
  • – Plausible solutions to be seen from the point of view of the problems.

GS Paper IV – [Dynamic]

“On Independence day yaatra, speeches, garlands, shouts and bikers ignoring helmet rule. Also, flags are seen on roads from next day onwards. One moral value is compromised at cost of ignoring the other.” Comment.


Elaborate on – passing message to society on patriotism and taking others for granted.


  • – Role of responsible citizen
  • – Understanding the importance of day and passing right message to next generation
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