Hello everyone. I am preparing for CSE 2017 and it’s been roughly four months since I began my preparation. I recently joined a prestigious coaching center in Delhi for GS and Optional and I am happy with the pace at which the classes are proceeding and the quality of teaching in the classes. However, being a relatively amateur aspirant, I have my share of doubts and concerns that I’d like to share with you.
Firstly, it is the NCERTs. I covered most part of my NCERTs before my coaching began and I was fairly confident about all the major subjects. However, things changed after my classes began. Almost every teacher who teaches my batch lays special emphasis on covering all the NCERTs right from 6th to 12th. Here, I must add that I am quite confident my basics are clear in the subjects and I feel very comfortable reading the advanced level books. Still, with so much of extra attention being given to NCERTs in the class, I have started to doubt my strategy, which was to understand the basics, start with the advanced level books (if I felt comfortable, which I now do) and then in the end study the NCERTs again. Please share your views on this and let me know if you have any suggestions aor comments to make on this.
Secondly, the writing part. I have a nice command over English and have a decent vocabulary as well, still I find it very difficult to frame good answers, let alone structured answers. I know that perfection comes with practice but the thing is that I am unable to find the right start to my answer writing practice campaign because all the topics that I try to practice writing about demand a higher level of critical thinking and writing, which unfortunately I haven’t yet developed. That’s rather a very discouraging factor. Moreover it’s the time constraint. I think to begin with a dedicated answer writing practice campaign, one initially needs to devote 2-3 hours to it, which I am unable to do currently and this has led to mounting pressure on me. I fear this to get even worse soon. Kindly help me with this.


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