Demolish UPSC series: 60+ Hours of Advanced Video Lectures

Demolish UPSC series

We are releasing 60+ Hours of Advanced Video Lectures on Static subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Economy

These cover the most important topics from prelims perspective

Basic knowledge will be helpful in understanding these though it’s not mandatory

CD remains committed to its students’ success. We are ready to go the extra mile to turn your dreams into reality. For students joining before the end of this month, you will get these lectures + Prelims test series for Rs. 6372 (Special 10% discounted TS price)

Link for buying test series + video lectures: Click2Join

For other students joining after June 30, the price would be Rs. 7000 + taxes for test series + video lectures

Here is the detailed schedule of lectures:

These lectures will be aligned to our CD Prime Prelims Test Series. You can view the schedule of test series here: Click2View

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