16 June 2018 | High Relevance vs Low Relevance News , Govt. Posters for easy recall

Reading News for UPSC is utmost important and rising number of questions year on year in UPSC Prelims is a testimony of this

We are starting a daily series where we will analyze news covered in The Hindu, Indian Express and other newspapers which are important from exam perspective and which are not

Important news would have been covered in our daily news coverage in form of newscards.

Unimportant ones will be mentioned here and a short description regarding why it is not relevant for the exam

Click on news headlines to read the full news

High relevance news

Zero tillage good for cotton cultivation


Read about zero tillage and its advantages. Can be asked in Prelims as well as Mains.

Why is Telangana’s Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project important?


The project has some unique features and is important for Andhra Pradesh’s drought prone areas. Read details of it as well as rivers associated.

Blue revolution a bane of Kolleru


Each year one or two wetlands make it to UPSC Prelims in one way or another. Note details about the lake and threats posed to its expanse.

The Vaishnav monks of Assam’s Majuli island


News on Art & Culture are a rare sight but whenever they appear all details related to the art forms discussed should be noted. Here Sattriya dance form as well as majuli island is important.

Low Relevance News

Maharashtra lets refugees self-survey their properties

Maharashtra government has now allowed thousands of Sindhi and Punjabi refugees who migrated from Pakistan to carry out self-assessment and survey of their properties

Nothing important from UPSC pesrpective

Only important detail in news is The Displaced Persons (Compensation and Rehabilitation) Act, 1954 which governs colonies of refugees

Govt likely to penalise insurance companies for delaying payment under NHPS

The government has proposed to impose penalty on insurance companies for delay in payment to hospitals for settlement of claims under its ambitious Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS)

NHPS has been discussed in detail in previous news cards in detail. No important update in this news

Govt. Posters for easy recall

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