Develop analytical skills for UPSC IAS exam| Analytica by Alankrit Bhatia | Join 2 weeks workshop (link inside)

UPSC IAS is not just about information loading. Whatever you are studying must be analyzed in detail and linked with other topics. Moreover, you must learn how to utilize that information for different stages of the exam.

Analytical skills help you visualize a problem’s complexity, process and organize it, solve it, make projections and generate new ideas. Analytical thinking involves using existing information to accurately assess situations and provide insight into how different factors interact.

What is Analytica?

In this Habitat club by Alankrit sir, you will be developing, learning, and practicing the analytical skills required for UPSC IAS preparation. An engaging discussion around important editorials and articles of the day along with daily worksheets you would be developing these skills.

  • Course fee: Rs 1200 + GST = 1416
  • Course start date: 19th April 2021
  • Duration: 2 weeks (5 days/week)
  • Join free sessions on Habitat general club (3pm).
  • Mode- Chat based

Program inclusion

  • Important articles/editorials and other documents
  • Daily and a weekly worksheet
  • Twice a day Habitat session.
  • Mentorship by Alankrit Bhatia

How the discussions will take place?

The course will proceed by giving 3-5 news articles/topics a day. The links of the articles will be shared in advance. You’ll have to read it before the discussion. We will discuss in the Habitat clubs.

The students will be encouraged and guided to share their views and
develop linkages with the topics via the use of questions.

The objective of the course is not to give a definite content but to make students brainstorm then and there and indulge in making new connections and linkages.

How Habitat sessions are going to take place?

Habitat is a chat-based learning platform and here Alankrit sir will be handholding and guiding you all through the course.

Daily two sessions are planned, first one by Alankrit sir completely and second, driven by peers under the supervision of Alankrit sir.

How to attend Analytica sessions and join the club?

Click on the link below. It will take you to the Habitat course page. Click on enroll.

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