UPSC mock interview at CivilsDaily on 17-18th April | Book your slot now

Schedule of Special Habitat sessions planned for interviews.

Upcoming Mock interview and session

This week’s mock interview dates have been fixed on 17-18th April.

  • Mock interview- 17-18th April (Book your slot)   
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.  
  • Mode: Online 

Interview slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Panelists for Mock Interviews: 

  1. Shri Shankar Aggarwal, IAS (retd.)
  2. Dr. Noor Mohammad, IAS (retd.)
  3. Shri T. N. Thakur, IAAS (retd.)
  4. Shri V. P. Singh, IRPS
  5. Mrs.Aditi Gupta, Corporate Leadership Specialist 
  6. Prof. U.M. Amin, Jamia Milia University
  7. Mr. Himanshu Arora, Economist, JNU, PMEAC 

Tentative: Shri Harsh V. Pant (Observer Research Foundation), Shri SN Tripathi, IAS (Director IIPA), Shri Yogesh Narain (Retd. Defence Secretary), Shri Dipankar Gupta (Indian Sociologist), and others.   

 You all are supposed to submit your DAFs and selfie videos answering four questions provided to you. These will form the basis for mock interviews, DAF analysis, and personalized DAF-based questionnaire.  

About Transcend 2020: IGP mock interviews

Mock Interviews at Civilsdaily form a crucial part of UPSC interview preparation. The quality and diversity of the panel help prepare an aspirant for the actual interview at UPSC. 

Aspirants have benefited greatly from the mock interview and the feedback they get from the panel members after their mock interview. At the same time, we work with the aspirants to improve upon the areas highlighted by the panel.

Aspirants will also get a personalized DAF-based questionnaire based on extensive research and linkages with the issues of national and international importance. 

 Note- For any query/sending DAFs and videos reach out to 

Special Habitat session for UPSC interviews 2020

Interview Club on Habitat brings together senior bureaucrats, serving officers, UPSC mentors, toppers and peers under one roof for a collaborative and cohort based learning and preparation for the UPSC interviews.

From today onwards our we are starting a special session on Habitat’s Transcend: Interview Guidance Club to take up activities directed towards specific dimensions of the Personality Test.

Habitat session timings: 6-7:30 pm

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