Difference between Mains Essential Program & Daily AWE Program


We’ve been posed with this question a lot of times. Though the differences are clear, we understand that new students would want some more clarity.

Mains Essential Program is our UPSC Mains Focused program. Its format is exactly the same as UPSC Mains papers. There are 20 questions to be solved in 2 hours’ time. A lot of time is spent on perfecting the question paper to ensure maximum questions are repeated in the actual exam and on sample solutions with value-added points. Reviews are more elaborate and more time is spent on each answer copy.

The Daily Answer Writing Program Questions are uploaded on a daily basis. By attempting these questions, you get to create your own notes on important topics. These notes will help you immensely when your exams are close. At the same time, the reviews will help you build a solid foundation ensuring your preparedness.

AWE is for you if you know for sure that you need more writing practice – either because you are not comfortable with English or because you are unable to organize your thoughts in a limited time. If you are looking for quality and a more in-depth analysis of your shortcomings, then Mains TS is the way to go. 

Admissions for both programs are open. 

For the philosophy of AWE and payment, click here- Click2Join

View the schedule of the Mains Essential Program 2020 here: Click2View.  Read all details of the program and join Batch 2 here: Click2Join

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