Economic Survey 2019: Introductory Lecture


Economic survey and Union budget are the two most important economic documents of the government. They outline the vision for the Indian economy, challenges faced, and mitigating strategies.

Keeping in mind that these two documents are technical in nature and a large number of students find it difficult to understand.

We at Civils daily are launching a program on economic survey and budget under the mentorship of Himanshu Arora sir, to give students a detailed understanding of survey and budget, key issues, concept, technical ideas discussed in it. The course is designed for both students who have no background in economics and have some familiarity with economics. It will go beyond the survey and budget to make students understand the static theories behind the idea presented in the survey.

The first lecture on economic survey covers the key highlights, approaches, ideas, and issues discussed in the entire survey documents. The lecture explains the idea of nudge economics, trickle-down economic development, export-led growth strategy followed by China and other Asian economies and the key challenges faced by the Indian economy as highlighted in the survey.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch