[Ethics Case Studies] Philosophical basis of governance and probity

Syllabus mapping

Paper 4 | Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude | Philosophical basis of governance and probity


This initiative is a part of Target Mains programme for Mains 2017.

You can post your answers in the comment section. But mentor review of answers will not be available. Just like various other CD community initiatives, this will also be a peer-to-peer review exercise.

Model answers are available below in PDF format and can be used for personal evaluation.

Question 1:

With the increasing awareness among the people, the accountability of the government has increased. The government can not escape the vigilance of its aware citizens. The government in your area promised to bring a bill for bringing transparency in the system and challenging corruption.

There is a young social activist in your area who is sitting on a fast since last 10 days against the fact that the bill has not been brought. He is having wide people’s support. The government sends you as its representative to convince him to give up on the fast.

How will you convince him to bring the fast to an end? Write in dialogue form. Why do such talks between government and the leaders reach stagnant level after some time and the government fails to convince such activists of its intentions?


Question 2:

The people are the ultimate authority in any democracy and they are given certain fundamental rights which cannot be taken by the state. Do you think state imposing restrictions on food and living habits of people in a democratic country is justified? Give arguments in support of your answer. Up to what extent, are such restrictions reasonable?


The government should respect the voluntary choices made by individuals when it comes to their food and living style as the right to freedom comes at supreme in a country like India. Do you think the role of state when it comes to imposing some sort of restrictions on the food and living habits of its citizens is justified? Critically comment.

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