[Ethics Case Studies] Probity in Governance: Concept of public service

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Paper 4 | Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude | Probity in Governance: Concept of public service


This initiative is a part of Target Mains programme for Mains 2017.

You can post your answers in the comment section. But mentor review of answers will not be available. Just like various other CD community initiatives, this will also be a peer-to-peer review exercise.

Model answers are available below in PDF format and can be used for personal evaluation.

Question 1:

You are posted as head of a district which is severely affected by water crisis. The situation has worsened to the extent that it has disrupted the law and order. Presently a cricket tournament is going on in the country matches for which are held all over the country. You get a call from the state cricket association that a cricket match is to be held in your district. A good sum of money is offered for the match.

However, when you discuss the matter with your colleagues they suggest you to decline the offer as the district is facing severe water scarcity and this would further add to the problem as a large volume of water will be needed for irrigating the pitch. If you accept the offer, you would get a good sum of money which would compensate for the amount that the water used for irrigating the pitch would cost.

Will you accept the offer? What are the options before you? Explain the merits and demerits of each option. Also suggest what course of action will you take?

Question 2:

India is facing the burning issue of cow protectionism which is also witnessed by many self-appointed “cow protectors” who have committed brutal attacks against Muslims and Dalits over rumors that they sold, bought, or killed cows for beef.
You are a senior police investigation officer and from some sources, you got to know that a social activist involved in cow protection is smuggling cows in lure of money. While investigating you found that he is in contact with various slaughtering houses where he used to supply cows.
He is a reputed activist and considered responsible and honest by other social activists which debar him from being doubted by others of any malpractices. He used to take advantage of this trust of masses on him and on the backdrop of it, he used to carry (transport) cows without any security problems. No one from the security was questioning him for such movement due to his reputation.
1. There is a sure possibility of communal violence being fired upon his arrest which may trigger law and order problems everywhere. How will you control this situation?
2. Considering the entire situation, what course of action do you think is possible? Justify your actions with suitable measures.

Question 3:

Mobilization and awareness are among the key components for successful implementation of any welfare intervention especially in rural areas where literacy and exposure to media is often less as compared to the urban areas. The recent study conducted on MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) by a taskforce committee has found that people were often not aware of the basic guidelines regarding Job card issue, unemployment allowance, worksite facility, social audit and other legal entitlements.
You are a Block Development Officer (BDO) of a certain region where cases of fraudulent with the MGNREGA workers are rampant. The contractors force the labourers to work extra hours with no extra pay which are backed by the other government officials too. Often the contractors are found to exploit the labourers. You actually want to help those labourers for getting their fair rights but there is risks involved which may even cost your job and life.

What action(s) would you prefer the most which will prove worth for the labourers as well as yourself?

Question 4:

Manoj is the head of State RTO department where Sunil works as an officer in charge of clearing and approving the vehicles paper.
Manoj’s friend Ankit works in a bank and notices that a portion of certain Mr. Mukesh’s pension is deposited every month into an account of one Reshma who turns out to Be Sunil’s wife. He suspects that the deposits are being made by a customer of Sunil and in return Sunil use to approve their papers. Ankit informs Manoj about the same based on his suspicion.
Divulging the bank’s secret information from the bank, Ankit has commited a crime that too without having any concrete evidence. During investigation, Manoj lands on Mr. Mukesh’s home and finds that he is been hospitalized. He then turns to Sunil, upon which Sunil replies that Mr. Mukesh happens to be his father in law and the money deposited is for an Old Age Home, which his wife Reshma owns and runs.
Manoj suspects that the money deposited must be of fraud that’s why is being deposited by unknown person(s). Manoj thinks of taking action based on his own investigation and mere suspicion.
What should he do? Explore various options available to Manoj with suitable explanation.

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Where can I see the PDF Format for the model asnwers? Thanks!


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