[Ethics Case Studies] Social influence and persuasion

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Paper 4 | Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude | Social influence and persuasion


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Question 1:

You are posted as a DM in a small district. Your district suffers from socially backward problems like child marriage, female infanticide, dowry, etc. One day, a girl of about 18 years who is well educated, comes to you and informs you about her neighbors who are getting their daughter married at an age of 15 years. She tells you that she tried to convince her parents but was unsuccessful.

You immediately reach the spot of marriage. You see that all the preparations have been made. When you talk to the family, you come to know that the family is not well educated and thinks that girls should be married early as it’s the common practice in the whole village and they cannot go against it.

Given below are some options. Discuss them with their merits and demerits. Also suggest which course of action would you take and why?

(i) Convince the family and ask them not to send their daughter to her in-law’s place despite marriage being performed.
(ii) Talk to the girl and know her stand as that is most important.
(iii) Take strict action against the family under the law against child marriage.
(iv) Initiating a drive in the area in order to prevent such incidents in future.

Question 2:

You are the DM of a district. The education and health inspector of the region has submitted a report which stated that the local goons and people of higher caste are not allowing ASHAs and school teachers to provide facilities to the downtrodden people. They sell the education and health kits in open market and even sarpanch is not able to take action due to social boundations.
1. What are the various option you have in this case? Discuss them with their merits and demerits suggesting what course of action would you take?

Question 3:

Radical political groups are frequently harassing young couples on the ground of preservation of culture and morality, irrespective of the fact whether they are married or are just in a relationship. A café in the city was recently vandalized following a news channel report that it was allowing ‘immoral activities’ which was nothing less a simple holding of hands and occasional hugging among youngsters. The youngsters were assaulted when they protested. This event sparked off an open public protest. You are the DM in that district. Even in front of your office, couple are protesting in large number against the government authorities. The organizers maintained that it was not just about their personal rights but for greater tolerance towards respecting individual choices of the individuals.
How will you pacify the young couples? Evaluate various options and suggest what course of action will you take?