What’s the right time to start Ethics? | Ethics Masterclass 2021 launched | Details inside

Ethics masterclass civilsdaily upsc ias 2020 2021 sukanya rana
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Now! Yes, this is the perfect time for you to start Ethics.

Why? First is the time factor. From Jan 2021 you will get engrossed in prelims prep. And you need at least 1.5 – 2 months for GS Paper 4 – Ethics with answer writing practice. The second factor is weightage – 250 marks. You don’t want to ignore it and leave it for your post-prelims plan.

We are ecstatic to launch Ethics Masterclass 2021 for you.

Ethics for upsc IAS 2021 civilsdaily

Click here for more details – Ethics Masterclass 2021

What is Ethics Masterclass?

Ethics Masterclass is a mentor-driven holistic course for GS Paper 4, i.e. Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude, by Civilsdaily.

Why Ethics Masterclass?

Paper 4 aka Ethics is the most dynamic General studies paper out of the lot. There is no “ONE WAY approach” in ethics. This is an effort to combine the Habitat discussion session with Video lectures to provide a complete learning experience. A focused, personalized, and Mentor guided approach will ensure a disciplined and holistic preparation.


Structured video lectures of Paper 4 for a concrete understanding of the syllabus. Our novel methodology accompanied by an in-depth explanation ensures comprehensive coverage of every topic in the syllabus. Added to this, we have made sure to add that extra element of fun.

Enroll here in Ethics Masterclass 2021

Sukanya Rana Ethics Civilsdaily IAS 2021 upsc 2021


A schedule is created where dedicated days are kept to discuss your doubts regarding each lecture. So, cover the part of the lecture video for the day and clear your doubts the same day. In addition to that, It also provides an opportunity to carry advanced discussion sessions focused on video lectures. This is additional to the basic level discussion on the Ethics group.


A mini test on the weekend will help to bring together the ideas and concepts learned throughout the week. This is the perfect icing on the cake! Get personalized reviews on your answers by Sukanya ma’am to understand how you can improve and score better.

Questions framed are from the most important UPSC relevant themes and papers are based on the latest pattern of UPSC. Get model answers cover all the aspects of a question and providing enriching points to the student.

Enroll here in Ethics Masterclass 2021


Scoring in case studies translates into a good score in paper 4. Learn the tips and tricks to master Section B of the ethics paper with discussions and practice questions.


You’ll be given membership to an exclusive group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat. The group will be headed by Sukanya ma’am herself. From doubt resolution, discussion, personalized review of the mini test copies will be done by Sukanya ma’am only. Here you can directly connect with ma’am.

Below – Ethics discussion on Habitat (For Masterclass a new and exclusive channel on Habitat will be formed)

Ethics for upsc 2021 2020 IAS civilsdaily Sukanya rana

Habitat is where everything comes together learning, doubt clearing, mentor’s support, and a focused community. You’re going to learn and discuss it like never before.

Program inclusion

  • Comprehensive Video Lectures covering Paper 4
  • 6 Mini test with dedicated days for test discussion
  • Personalized review and discussion of test copy by Sukanya ma’am
  • Membership of Ethics group (exclusive) on Civilsdaily’s Habitat
  • Planned case studies discussion
  • Doubt resolution session on every lecture on Habitat
Click here for more details – Ethics Masterclass 2021

ethics for upsc 2020 2021 ias civilsadaily sukanya rana

Enroll here in Ethics Masterclass 2021

Should you encounter any issue in this process or you have a query, reach out to us at +91 89299 87787 or hello@civilsdaily.com

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