Fall 7 times, stand up 8 – Japanese Proverb

Not everyone has a flawless academic record and experiencing setbacks is okay. Sometimes we get so haunted by one failure, which usually happens to be trivial, that we get too terrified to even try again. But as this proverb suggests, even if you fail seven times, you stand up on the eighth.

We received a few mails from the test takers saying that the quality of questions at CD is much ahead of those at Vision, Insights, Drishti (hindi) but that sometimes make the test takers feel a bit demotivated of their test taking abilities.

This post is intended for all those test takers – don’t worry about your wrong attempt in the mocks. Don’t go so hard on yourself. Your actual marks are going to be +10 from what you get here. Make sure you attempt the tests to the fullest abilities and then red the explanations thoroughly. 

This is the time to get out of Maslow’s basement

This is Abraham Maslow’s finest creation.

In his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation”, Maslow arranged the motivation factors of our needs and deeds in an order of priority. A psychology student would need no initiation in this but for the rest of us, think of it as the bollywood equivalent of “roti kapda aur makaan”.

Only after one has his basic needs fulfilled will he think of achieving something for the others or look for nirvana for himself.

But why on earth are we talking about Maslow?

Because we want you to get out of the Maslow’s basement, go out and conquer the 5th step of the process. Think of how this translates for an average UPSC candidate –

Step 1, 2 are the basic preparation steps where you lay out the ground work – read up on NCERTs, get the regular books, make notes etc.

Step 3 is the social need when you discuss concepts with your peers, exchange views and tips and answer each other queries. You feel like a part of the family at CD when you help each other out and you slowly prepare your grounds for the Step 4

Step 4 is the testing time folks. Here’s where all that you have been through comes out to give you quick, timely feedback so that you prepare yourself for the FINAL NIRVANA on the Step 5 which is the UPSC day!

Do not MISS out on this step. Do not go back to the basement levels 1 & 2. This is the time to rise up to the occasion and learn from your mistakes. Don’t fall prey to a false ego hurt which you may receive when you hit a bad score. GET UP and GET GOING!

Mock #9 is LIVE and it will be closely followed by Mock #10. Both are based on current affairs.

The Full Length tests are starting on 11th July. These will be close group tests and will be accessible only to the students who register for them. If you haven’t already – REGISTER TODAY.

Look forward to more participation and more sincere attempts from you all!

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