Some Days, You Just Have Nothing

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me.

I woke up late after a lot of sleep. Wanted to cover something last night but slept over the open book of Indian Polity, which put me in a down mood. I couldn’t get focused to do any reading in the morning and so attempted the mock 8 only to realise that I need to be more and more active in my revision.

My scores were lower than what my kind nephew would have got on an entirely random selection of answer choices.

I then downloaded all the explanations and took a print out for highlighting the tricky portions but did not revise in full again. Sometimes I feel that the gap between my reality and expectations increases at exponential rate. But I am sure that’s the case with most of us. Preparation for 2 years takes a toll and sometime you wonder why this road when I could have pursued my passion in another way. I think I want to teach school kids. But my parents are worried that I should get a boy and be settled soon and then follow my career choices.

The irony of expectations.

I did a workout, but couldn’t finish it because my legs hurt. I rode my activa to the reliance fresh and got chocolates, loads of chocolates. I looked up the ranking chart of the mocks and i wondered how the hell can someone get 45+ in these mocks! It’s insane!

Then I attempted the mock #9 and that went well. Have been following hindu for past 1 year and have followed Dr. V’s blogs on economic survey – hats off to him for finding his sense of purpose in teaching us all!

Then something inspired me. Was thinking about how he could stay put with the prep for 3 times in a row knowing that some random mark here and there could messup with his attempt and rewind his clock to 0. And if he can do that, so can I.

Logged back on the laptop and registered for the final mocks. Promised to myself that I will give the final 4 tests with sincerity. Should get back on revision mode. Want to send this diary entry to CD to see if it could help other students feel fine for not scoring a lot! We all have our bad days. Am sure Dr. V had his too.

Some days, you don’t have anything. But all the other days, you need to run, run and run!

This post was an email from a reader. Has been kept anonymous for her comfort but we hope this brings some peace to all of you who have had some bad days. If you wish to write to us about your good/ bad days – email us at hello[at]

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