Finding the balance between work and UPSC IAS preparation | Samanvaya for working aspirants

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Working junta is mature. To lecture them about working hard and smart is a duplication of effort because they already are active and smart. There is no dearth of samanvaya between them and their dream and it is evident from the fight Aishwarya Sheoran had put up by clearing upsc 2019 and obtaining 93rd rank. She didn’t only break the stereotypes but also became an example for all those who are in pursuit of their samanvaya.

Samanvaya is not about correcting the mismatch or spending money around bogus conversation. But it’s the touch of balance that keeps the necessary spark on for the goal to be realised.

Working aspirants have known the world up close and have faced many socio-economic-political issues firsthand. For them, the need to clear an exam that brings social prestige and recognition becomes even more important. But guys, to begin with, this exam has many components and it’s the last one which many are willing to cherish.

What about the ones before the final phase of appreciation and glory? How to manage the months of mental stress and work-life imbalance that keeps many out of the much-needed samanvaya. Best minds are always organized and that happens when you hit the right balance. Working aspirants may take advantage of both worlds provided they are given the right guidance or else they may even end up getting sandwiched and lose efficiency.

Many aspirants I have spoken to, fall in the second category and find life a lot harder ever since they have started to nurture “to be an IAS” dream. Then what’s wrong, to keep high ambition is not right? Or managing the ambition went wrong. Definitely, it’s always admirable to aim high and remain ambitious. So as a corollary, the problem is with “ambition management”.

This is where Samanvaya comes in. Its “not panacea” but the “right path”. As UPSC IAS is never about making leaders but about awakening leaders. There is a leader in everyone of you / us. We need to be tinkered the right way. Like Jamwant in Ramayana, we want to help you awaken that balance to keep your study-work organized. The true potential is obtained only when you are pulled towards study not when you are pushed to think of study.

So finally, what do we do in our Samanvaya program?

We truly believe that there is no substitute for hard work and pain. Samanvaya is all about finding the direction in which you must do your hard work. Everyone, whether working or not, is a human being in making for years. So that makes for unique case study with every single aspirant. Samanvaya is as much a discovery for you as it is for us. We help you discover and uncover the best you, not for anything else but for this exam only. But yes there are externalities, good ones indeed!

What after Samanvaya?

Proceed > Plan > Prosecute

You get a Team of mentors. One who is in constant touch with you (aspirant ) and many who are indirectly keeping a watch on the individual’s progress and relay necessary feeds for course correction.

Now, who are Mentors and what’s a mentorship program?

  1. Mentors – Who are they? Other than being the best and most experienced in the UPSC ecosystem, they work with you on your strengths and weaknesses. That’s when you get a solution specific to you. It’s never a copy-paste. In this process, you always leave a gainer.
  2. Again mentors  – You not only make professional relations but also hew a rapport and is like a guide. And mind you, there are always mechanisms in the backend to top-up any situation which appears to be going out of your control. Thanks to constant feedback, we have our house in order.

And about the mentorship program, it is best understood when we talk about it and see what best can we do for you?

Let’s get on this journey with a short questionnaire. 

Samanvaya for UPSC IAS Working aspirants

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