(Reminder) HABITAT SESSIONS: Revealed 2.0 with Zeeshan sir 9:00 pm, and Wordsmith- answer writing with Radhika ma’am 8 pm (Link inside)

Zeeshan sir and Radhika ma’am will be live on Habitat for free sessions on Habitat. You don’t want to miss out on these sessions.

Score Boosting Session with Zeeshan sir

Time: 9:00 pm; Venue: Habitat- General club (Click here for link)

Wordsmith – Mains answer writing with Radhika ma’am

Time: 8:00 pm; Venue: Habitat- General club (Click here for link)


Prelims is around the corner and Zeeshan sir is back with his signature sessions on Score Boosting and Tikdams for UPSC IAS prelims exam. These techniques can boost your score by 30 marks. Join Zeeshan sir at 6:30 pm.


While there is no doubt about role of Mains answer writing practice in your UPSC IAS selection, there is a great deal of confusion around how to start it, when to start it and how much to practice? Attend Habitat session by Radhika ma’am to learn and practice the art of answer writing.

Join Radhika ma’am at 8 pm

Instructions for joining Habitat

  1. Click here for Habitat
  2. If you haven’t registered already, click on ‘Register a new account’ and enter your details.
  3. Choose a username.
  4. That is it. Welcome to Habitat.

For access through the Mobile app:

  1. Install the Mobile application (click here) from your Appstore.
  2. Use the same email id and password as you used above.
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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch