Last few seats for Smash Mains 2023 | Let us get you in the top 100 this time | 1:1 personalized mentorship from GS topper 2017 and CD founder Sajal sir | (Invite only)

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With UPSC Prelims 2023 knocking at the door, it is time you get into Mains mode quickly.

We launched Smash Mains Program for UPSC 2023 earlier this month and now 5 seats are remaining.

If you have appeared for UPSC interview(s) previously and are super close to clearing this exam but Mains is your Achilles heel. Then this is for you.

Smash Mains Program is a highly personalized and intensive handholding program for the crème-de-la-crème (veterans) amongst UPSC aspirants (the intake is 50 students & Last 5 seats are remaining).

Unique Features of the program:

  • Invite/Register-only
  • Those who are scoring less marks in GS in mains consistently, need to send your mark sheet and test copy here.
  • Based on that Sajal sir will select the students.
  • One-to-one detailed and in-depth interaction with Sajal sir.
The Hindu has acknowledged CD’s 80% success rate in Answer writing & Smash Mains.
Why UPSC toppers are convinced that Smash Mains helped them succeed?
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We deliver what we promise.


With over 80% of enrolled students in 2021 becoming UPSC Top rankers, Smash Mains 2022 is back. Also, what we have noticed is about 85% of questions in UPSC Mains paper are from Smash Test Series.

As an aspirant if you have taken many test series, but are unable to score above 100 marks and want to improve your scores before Mains 2022, then this program is for you!

How has Smash Mains helped 2021-2022 Aspirants in Preparing for UPSC?

What do aspirants need in their UPSC preparation journey? They need a senior who will give them moral support and the required logistics to prepare for the tough exam in a simplified manner.

You can clear the exam only with confidence and consistency. And to achieve both, you require a personalized mentor. Many aspirants feel that just attending classes or tests is not beneficial for them. So we tweaked our program to include mentorship both in our tests series and classes. Aspirants feel they can reach out to us anytime with their concerns and we are available to sort them out.

Message from Sajal Sir

Dear Students,

For some of you, prelims have never been a challenge for you. You have been missing the main cut-off with a small margin (repeatedly). This means that there are some fundamental issues with your approach. You might be aware or not of this. But just realization is not enough, you have to work on its execution as well. And bringing that to fruition will be possible through a guided process under a meticulously designed plan.

Note: The Entry is Restricted to those who have appeared in UPSC interviews in the past 2 years or have missed the mains cut off by a whisker.

The focus is on identifying and highlighting the issues with your preparation (information/analysis / utilization). According to your strength and weaknesses, a tailor-made strategy is developed. Under Sajal sir’s strict monitoringincremental improvements are aimed every day, after every session.

My marks in UPSC 2017 GS Mains paper were:

  • GS Paper 1 – 132
  • GS Paper 2 – 125
  • GS Paper 3 – 130

Key Takeaways About Smash Mains 2023

Almost 35+ Ranker in the Top 100 of UPSC 2021 is a Civilsdaily Student.

Your mentor, Sajal Sir is himself the 2017 topper of GS Mains. He has appeared for interviews many times.

Over 400 students have emerged as toppers under Sajal Sir’s mentorship in the last 7 years.

Sajal Sir will daily motivate you on our chat-based platform, Habitat, and have weekly 1-on-1 discussions with you after every test.

You don’t have to waste any more time finding the strategy (value-added notes, test series, or timetable ) for the next 3 months. You will get guidance for it.

You will gain access to Civildaily’s Samachar Manthan – For holistic and comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs.

You will have exclusive membership to Smash Mains club in Habitat.

One of our other Civilsdaily Students cleared the exams in 2020 to become an IPS Officer. He wrote the 2021 exam again as he aims for an IAS posting. This is what he said about our program

Progression of Smash Mains 2023

After completing the Mains Test series, you will have a one-to-one detailed and in-depth interaction with Sajal sir. Final refinements are done to every answer. Value addition material, as well as pointers, will be provided here. We will work with you to ensure you have enough material for value addition. Our focus will be on providing tips that add the missing X factor to your answers.

Why is Smash 2023 the best way to prepare for mains?

Individual attention and approachability are the USPs of this program. Listen to what our Smash Mains 2020 student and topper Pooja Gupta (AIR 42) says about the program.

Not putting Penguins among the Fowls – You already know how to write an average answer (you’re missing it by a few marks actually). You want to know how to increase your score from 90 to 110-115. The approach followed by other institutes in their Test series is the same for a veteran and a complete newbie and here lies the problem. Without personalized one-to-one interaction with someone like Sajal sir (who has scored these awesome marks), it will be difficult for you to rectify these minute yet very important shortcomings.

Evaluation is a strength of this program and we put it on a high priority. Sajal sir himself is involved in the process, unlike other institutes where evaluation is outsourced to those who themselves might not have appeared for mains (It’s bizarre). It shouldn’t be based on ‘model answers’ as there are 3-4 ways of approaching an answer. Only a seasoned player will be able to go beyond these model answers and be able to appreciate your approach (If it’s innovative) even if it differs from the model answers provided.

Test copies get checked in a time-bound manner. The questions, answers and material provided are of the highest quality.

Always on time and insightful discussions end with a reality check and motivation to perform better in the next test.

Emphasis on execution and utilization of knowledge – Mains is not only about knowledge but the way you express the relevant knowledge in the most optimum manner.

Sajal sir’s interventions are highly specific and not generalized. Sitting right in front of you he walks you through each and every question. Always there, he will not let you lose your focus.

AIR 148 UPSC 2020 topper and our Civilsdaily student, Ponmani explains why answer writing with mentorship is necessary for Mains.


The Batch of Smash Mains Program will start soon.

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