Join the Endgame : Civilsdaily’s Prelims FLT Program 2019

Dear Students,

Hope that your preparations are going well.

As you all are aware that prelims is just a month away so the importance of solving mock test series increases multiple times. A full-length test series not only gives you enough practice but also enhances your confidence to face the most prestigious examination of India. So we have come up with the most scientific and reliable test series for you.

This Test Series consists of 8 full-length tests with some special features such as:

1. High-quality questions with varied level of difficulty.

2. Evidence-based Question making: We have analyzed the question papers of past 5-6 years and found that there are only certain themes from which UPSC has been consistently asking questions. We have included all those themes in our Tests.

3. Tikdam  Technique: Every test contains 15-20 questions which can be solved using tikdam technique even if you do not know the exact answer. The idea is to polish your skills of smart guessing.

4. One to one mentorship to solve all your exam related doubt.

5. Complete analysis of the Test-papers.

6. Free PDF of Civilsdaily’s Monthly magazine.

So give your preparation a final touch. This the best time which if utilized properly can do wonders for you. Make the best use of this time and clear Prelims with flying colors.

Good Luck.

Click here to enroll for the Full Length Test (FLTs) 2019

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