*IMP – Free enrolment in our Full Length Tests for Prelims Qualified Students

Dear Students,

Over the years our Test Series has become one of the most preferred TS among experienced aspirants who have cleared prelims and mains before. AIR 44, AIR 356, AIR 266, AIR 278, AIR 365, to name a few.

It is a well-established fact that experienced aspirants especially those who have already cleared prelims before don’t enroll in a formal test series and don’t attempt tests in a systematic manner. They either have their own methodology for defining their focus areas or go for pirated copies.

This practice indeed saves money but becomes more time consuming for the students. The Testing Platform saves a lot of time for these students and also provides analysis which can be exhausting if one has to do it all by him/herself.

We believe having experienced students appear for the FLTs will not only help them but also our students who will now have a benchmark to compare their scores against. This makes our platform better and creates value for everyone.

Hence, we have decided to provide our Full-Length Test Series Program to students who have cleared prelims in the last 2 years absolutely FREE of cost.

*For enrolment please drop an email to hello@civilsdaily.com with subject – Enrollment to FLTs. 
Attach your DAFs. The DAFs are mandatory to prevent misuse of this facility. 




By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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Savio Daimei
Savio Daimei
3 years ago

Applied for free enrollment to FLTs with my DAF but received no response from CD.

Sajal Singh
3 years ago
Reply to  Savio Daimei

will be given shortly

Enzo Jena
Enzo Jena
3 years ago

hi sir what would be the estimated no. of people attempting it?