Is UPSC GS Paper 1 your Achilles heel? |A detailed Analysis and Strategy by Sajal sir | Fill Samanvaya for free on-call mentorship

UPSC by design is an exam that should take just one attempt to crack it. Any further attempt after that must be just to improve your rank. And to accomplish this feat you must perform extremely well in GS mains papers.

Sajal sir here in this video will help you analyze the UPSC Mains 2020 GS paper 1, explain the changing trend and discuss the strategy for UPSC Mains 2021.

He also talked about Smash Mains 2021 in the video. For Smash Mains 2021 send your last mains scorecard and evaluated mock test copies to

Samanvaya: 1-to-1 mentorship for IAS 2021-22

UPSC IAS preparation is not just about memorizing and information gathering. Neither is it about mindlessly picking up random NCERTs, standard books or spending 5 hours on the Hindu.

Last month we had a discussion with around 1900 students who were not able to clear prelims even after more than 2 attempts. Many were stuck on mains.

But why? Even after taking multiple attempts, covering the full syllabus, or taking tests?

Lack of direction, no guidance, inability to make required necessary changes in their preparation, and an absence of a well-defined strategy were issues common to all. What issues are you facing? Tell us.

Fill the Samanvaya form for a free on-call mentorship session. We’ll call you within 24 hours.

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