Webinar Today @ 7PM, Registrations Closing Soon||How I cleared UPSC Prelims by Following this Approach in the Last 4 Months?||Free Live Webinar by Civilsdaily Mentor & UPSC-CSE 2017 Topper Megha Gupta|| Limited Slots, Register Now

Are you at that stage of prelims preparation where you are devoting 50-60% of your time in solving MCQs and test series? While, some of you might be scoring above 100 marks, others might be struggling to answer questions effectively.

While answering an MCQ, are you able to atleast eliminate two options correctly, but are confused with the rest two? Are you finding it difficult to recall the required information within 1-2 minutes of reading a question? Do you think you are making mistakes while interpreting the meaning of a question? Certainly, there are keywords that change the entire meaning of the question which you need to look for.

Open to All, Free Live Webinar by UPSC 2017 Topper & Civilsdaily mentor Megha Gupta Ma’am

In the last four months, many aspirants make notes that will help them revise the important facts of a topic right before an exam. Are you on it already? Have you taken notes on the important judgements of this year, the constituional amendments, the wildlife conventions, sancturies and the international rankings of this year? If not, how must you go about this?

When it comes to current affairs sources, online reports and standard books, it’s not only important what to read but how to read them as well. Since, there are many crash course study materials in the market, which are the reliable ones? If you haven’t yet started preparation for a subject, how should you read it’s book effectively to be able to cover the entire syllabus within a week?

If you are yet to find answers to all these questions and want to know the roadmap for the next four months of your UPSC-CSE Prelims preparation then you must register for the free live webinar by UPSC-CSE AIR 674 2017 Topper and Civilsdaily Mentor Megha Gupta Ma’am.

What will you learn in this free live UPSC Prelims Webinar by Megha Gupta Ma’am?

1. What are the changes you need to make in your prelims preparation if you are unable to score well?

2. What are the high weightage topics in CSAT which can fetch you maximum marks?

3. What are the online and offline revision materials one needs to study right now?

4. How to make notes from Prelims persepective right now?

5. What are the study technqiues you must use in the last 4 months of Prelims and what should you avoid?

6. How to complete revising a subject in one week?

7. What are the methods to recall information while reading a tricky question in the exam hall? (With live demonstration)

Webinar Details

Study hard, break your limits. Then, get used to it. That’s how you prepare for UPSC-CSE. We hope this webinar will help all 2022 aspirants implement the suggestions of Megha Gupta Ma’am.

Date: 16 February 2022 (Wednesday)

Time: 7 P.M

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