How to best use Civilsdaily for my IAS Prep?

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Let’s set your expectations straight. At the end of this read – you will understand how you can adapt to the changing UPSC syllabus by being a regular at Civilsdaily. You will understand the power of connected NEWS for a better analysis via our concept of STORY when you look back and read all of them.

You will come to appreciate our one pointed focus on making daily news and related static concepts (b2bs) easy for you guys.

Trust us when we say this – unlike overwhelming writing practice or daily dose of daunting 5,000+ words long articles, our seemingly simple but connected news & stories go a long way in making you feel on top of the major happenings of the world around you.

Civilsdaily lets you remember everything important that happens around you and use that information in a way to make yourself more productive.

At the examination hall, on the D-day, if you remember the key points of most of the major themes and stories of the year, you are going to ace Pre & Mains – come what may!


So, here we are, writing a long but practical blog post which is going to help you understand, explore and utilize CIVILSDAILY to its maximum potential for the exams to come. Read this one very carefully.

#1. Use the calendar widget the read daily news from the NEWS tab

  • Every day, we pluck out the most relevant daily news and push it on our FREE android app as well as the NEWS’ tab at
  • Since many of you do not keep up with daily news, we designed a calendar widget to help you go back in time – any date & any month! Available in both english and hindi (hindi translations are available after 6 PM everyday)
  • So, go to the NEWS tab – click on a date – toggle on the language and scroll down to read the most important summaries of the NEWS

#2. What do I do after NEWS reading? These are just 4-5 points. Is this going to help me clear IAS?

  • These are not just any 4-5 points – these are the most relevant 4-5 points. What’s more – once you are done reading the NEWS, go and click the green text next to the orange tree on each newscard
  • Once you click on the green text next to the orange tree – you go to the mother of all pages on the “State of Forest in India” where you can see all the related news stacked up wrt this topic. Isn’t that awesome! No more concerns about revising news from a week before – everything is already stacked for you!
  • Whenever we have a news item relevant to this TOPIC/ STORY, we will keep adding it here so that you never lose a trail.
  • And to make sure that you also get detailed analysis on an ongoing story – we have inserted another tab – CD Explains on each story page

If you have been a Civilsdaily user for long, then you would be happy to know that we have shifted most of the CD Explains articles in their relevant stories so that you lose no time in searching for them!

For the new users, this is the best time to start using Civilsdaily. Read and make notes! Which brings to our most important segment of the day –

#3. What the hell is a story and how is it going to help me in my IAS Prep?

A story is a collection of related newscards. This is the most innovative method to stay in touch with news (past & present). This is what UPSC wants to test you on – your ability to analyse a news better and connect the dots!

Click on a story and you can track down all the important changes which happened on that theme over the last few months – sometimes even year!

Click on any of these stories and you can go back and read the trail of news + CD Explains articles which we would have written about that topic.

In case, you find that we have not written the CD Explains on a particular story – go ahead and suggest what you want us to write about. We are always listening!

#4. Use the forum to the fullest – a lot can happen over discussions

Ask questions – Get answers. Participate in discussions – grow your knowledge. Help your peers – get helped by our moderators.

Good Karma always helps!

#5. Blogs, blogs & blogs

To make sure that we do not miss the static portions of your syllabus, we write elaborate writeups on course modules which are difficult to understand from textbooks and coachings institutes. There’s more – Toppers Strategies, How to clear guides, Daily motivation etc etc.

Add to that, to help you discover old related blogs, we introduced a concept of “Collections”. Here are 3 quick steps to find the related blog posts.

#6. Monthly Magazine – CivilsDigest E-book

And one last thing, to make sure that you get the best of monthly news and blogs, we started out with state of art magazines every month – get your copy from here – CivilsDigest Magazine – Click to buy

That’s it! This is all you need to do to take the best out of Make sure you download our FREE App to get daily news in crisp, clean layout.

If you still have doubts, please put in your comments below.

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