How to Study Effectively for Civil Services

Over the years, across the generations a lot of gyan has flown through on how to crack this or that exam.

While we do believe that every IAS aspirant needs to develop his/her own strategy keeping his/her strengths and weaknesses in perspective, there are some basic things which you can keep in check right from the start!


… and crack the civil services with elan!


Space out your study sessions – Don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you!


Cracking Civil Services is no mean task. Make sure you do not constrain yourself in a 4*4 room.



 There’s a lot to study and a lot to memorize!

Mornings: Your mind has not yet been burdened with all the information and stress you accumulate throughout the day.

Evenings: Information obtained right before sleep is much more likely to be transferred into your long-term memory.

Right after Class: It’s the best time to review since you don’t have to deal with re-learning things you might have forgotten if you delay it until later.


Most of these points have been distilled from studies across the internet and they hold true across most of the exams. We are sure that most of you will vouch for them as well!

We would love to know what works best for you! Share your peak performance strategies with us and we would feature them in our blog posts!


By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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