“I cracked UPSC and then resigned in 15 days..” | Abhishek Saraf, AIR 8, UPSC 2019 | Unherd topper series | Video link inside

Click on the video and set a reminder for 7 pm.

Hello students,

As a part of Unherd topper series, we have Abhishek Saraf, AIR 8, UPSC 2019, with us today. In a very candid conversation with Rohit Pande sir, Abhishek will be giving an insight into his mindset and thought process. His success is almost a logical corollary of his conviction, tenacity, and sheer hard work.

What made him switch from engineering to research and then to administration? Did he encounter failures? Why did he resign in 15 days after clearing the UPSC exam? Was UPSC easy for him? Watch the video to know about his challenges, strengths, and motivation.

Click on the video below and set a reminder. The session will go live at 7 pm.

About Abhishek Saraf:

Abhishek is a Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur. An achiever through and through he scored this rank in his fourth attempt. Earlier he has scored a rank of 402 and 248 in UPSC 2017 and UPSC 2018 respectively. His optional was Civil Engineering. He is a manifestation of ‘hard work pays’ maxim. He has three research publications, two foreign internships, and a patent (pending).

Our association goes back a long way and we are proud of Abhishek. He is going to be a great administrator. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

Unherd Topper Talk series is a Civilsdaily’s initiative. We want to highlight what makes these toppers, their approach and strategy different from the herd. And you will also be getting a sneak peek into the moments of their lives that are unheard of.

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3 years ago

I don’t know why you did that, you could have found out the work you would be assigned to first before prep. You just increased the retention rate


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